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The Igarapé Institute is an independent and non-partisan think and do tank fighting for safety and security in the global South. We are a non-profit based in Brazil and supported by voluntary contributions. The Institute relies on people like you to help us prevent and reduce violence, promote drug policy that works and expand progressive international cooperation on security and development. These are priorities not just for Brazilians, but also for citizens living in the Americas, Africa and Asia.

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Become a volunteer:
Send your CV by email to recrutamento@igarape.org.br and become a volunteer at the Igarapé Institute!


Does your business share our values and outlook on how to make the world a better place? If so, why not commit to an ongoing contribution to Igarapé? Your business can become a regular contributor and collaborator on a variety of Igarapé initiatives and programs by lending us your regular financial support. To find out how, please contact us at

Monthly donations:

When you make a monthly donation, more than just funding, you offer us support in planning our violence reduction and development projects, both in Brazil and around the world. After the initial donation, the same amount will be charged to your credit card each subsequent month. Click here to become a monthly donor.

 - Cancellation:
Feel free to change your mind. To cancel your monthly donation, email us at financeiro@igarape.org.br.

 - Credit Cards:
Please make sure your credit card limit is sufficient to cover your contribution. You will receive an email notification from Igarapé if, for any reason, your gift is unable to be processed. It is always important to keep your credit information updated.

 - Questions?
If you have questions about monthly donations, contact us directly at financeiro@igarape.org.br.

There are more than 525,000 people violently killed each year around the world. And while Latin America is the most violent region in the world, Brazil is global champion accounting for more than 50,000 deaths, about 10% of all murders around the world. Since 2011, the Igarapé Institute has invested in projects and campaigns to change this reality, working from the local to the global level. In addition to research and advocacy, we are developing and applying new technologies to tackle the most challenging security and development issues. Your help is fundamental to supporting more than 20 projects on citizen security, drug policy and international cooperation.

All voluntary donations are used to support the ability of Institute personnel and partners to develop cutting-edge projects on citizen security, drug policy and international cooperation. The Institute has excellent financial oversight systems, including regular independent audits.

Phone/Fax: +55 (21) 3496-2114